At present, the congestion of MCX branch line of COSCO Central America is getting worse, resulting in a backlog of goods. Therefore, COSCO has made reference to the actual shipments at various ports in the early period of this year to further clarify the relevant transportation policies of Far East -Central America goods and limit the total volume in each region.

The principle of the overall receipt policy (mainly maintain the previous announcement principle, for the Central American cargo transiting through the MCX route, the Puerto Quetzal direct flight through WSA2 is not restricted)
1) Corinto / San Lorenzo must transit through Balboa, priority is given to WSA1 route. The ports of Qingdao and Busan can be connected to Balboa via the CAX1 route first
2) Acajutla/Puerto Quetzal two ports, transit through Mexico transit route
3) Puerto Caldera cargo in South China and Ningbo ports must be transited through the Balboa route of WSA1 route. Non-South China and Ningbo Ports of Puerto Caldera cargo, transited through Mexico


总体接载方针原则(基本维持前期公布原则,针对通过MCX航线中转的中美洲货物,通过WSA2直航的Puerto Quetzal不受限制)

1)Corinto / San Lorenzo两港必须通过Balboa中转,优先WSA1航线。青岛、釜山两港可以优先通过CAX1航线衔接Balboa

2)Acajutla /Puerto Quetzal两港,通过墨西哥中转路径中转

3)华南和宁波两港的Puerto Caldera货物,必须通过WSA1航线Balboa路径中转。非华南和宁波两港的Puerto Caldera货物,通过墨西哥中转

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