Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, S.A.U., branded as Air Europa is the third-largest Spanish airline after Iberia, as its subsidiary, and Vueling. Wikipedia

Customer service00 34 911 40 15 01Baggage tracking00 34 871 20 30 89AllianceSkyTeamHubsAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas AirportBag information: In economy, 1st bag free, 2nd bag varies by itinerary. More Air Europa bag informationParent organizationGlobalia Corporación Empresarial, S.A.

Option One: From Shenzhen airport to Madrid

Flight No.ETDETA

Option Two: From Guangzhou airport to Madrid

Flight No.ETDETAEquipmentFrequencyLane

from Madrid to Latin America

Flight No.ETDETAEquipmentFrequencyLane
UX907307301010B73H1 flight wklyMAD-ACE
UX915606000900B73H1 flight wklyMAD-LPA
UX904814001655B73H1 flight wklyMAD-TFN
UX142321452345E951 flight wklyMAD-RAK
UX130315001940B73H1 flight wklyMAD-TLV
UX111521452350E951 flight wklyMAD-TUN
UX002322451030B7881 flight wklyMAD-ASU
UX019314100030B7881 flight wklyMAD-BOG
UX004122551150B7891 flight wklyMAD-EZE
UX006313152325B7881 flight wklyMAD-CUN
UX007114052310B7881 flight wklyMAD-CCS
UX002321451305B7881 flight wklyMAD-COR
UX003900351230B7891 flight wklyMAD-GYE
UX017522551030B7891 flight wklyMAD-LIM
UX019914050035B7881 flight wklyMAD-MDE
UX004500101250B7891 flight wklyMAD-MVD
UX003316000100B7881 flight wklyMAD-PUJ
UX003900351455B7881 flight wklyMAD-UIO
UX001500351220B7891 flight wklyMAD-SAP
UX002522300945B7881 flight wklyMAD-VVI
UX008914102245B7891 flight wklyMAD-SDQ
UX005722450945B7891 flight wklyMAD-GRU

Basic information of Madrid airport

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, commonly known as Madrid–Barajas Airport, is the main international airport serving Madrid in Spain. At 3,050 ha in area, it is the second-largest airport in Europe by physical size behind Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport. Wikipedia

Maximun Dimension per piece:

Width 224*Leght 318* height 160 CM decided by ULD /Unit load device

Maximun Weight per piece:

600KG-2500kgs decided decided by ULD /Unit load device

Battery/Liquid/Powder/Oil, or other DG cargo, please provide MSDS to check case by case.

Oversized or overweight cargo please check case by case.

AM Freighter Flight to MEX direct from Hongkong/ Shanghai

AM A330/ Direct Flight / Capactiy 30 ton per flight/ Sunday flight

STD 5:55 STA 12:30 Flight NO.: AM9021

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Other direct cargo flight options via Miami

Need to know cargo flgiht solution depart from Hongkogn/Guangzhou/ Shenzhen/Shanghai/ Beijing/Xiamen/Ningbo?

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Size of ULD- More info in Wikipedia

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