Airfreight Solution/Cargo flight from Shanghai to south America via LAX By  China Southern Ariline CZ(403)

Bacis Flight Solution Info

Airline : China Southern Ariline CZ(403)

Routing: PVG-LAX

Frequency: Dailiy Flight

Transit time: around 1 days

Airport of Loading /AOL: PVG/ Shanghai Putong international Airport

Airport of Destination/AOD:   

Los Angeles International Airport commonly referred to as LAX is the primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area.Hub for: Alaska Airlines; ‎American Airlines‎; ‎De…Built: 1928Location: Westchester, Los Angeles, California, U.S‎Operator: Los Angeles World Airports

1st Leg Flight Details from Shanghai Airport to Los Angeles

 CZ443 200302200-1777F
 CZ441 300252135-1777F
 CZ443 400252135-1777F
 CZ441 500252135-1777F
 CZ443 600252135-1777F
 CZ445 700252135-1777F

2nd leg flight destination from MEX to South America by CZ


Maximun Dimension per piece:

Width 224*Leght 318* height 160 CM decided by ULD /Unit load device

Maximun Weight per piece:

600KG-2500kgs decided decided by ULD /Unit load device

Battery/Liquid/Powder/Oil, or other DG cargo, please provide MSDS to check case by case.

Oversized or overweight cargo please check case by case.

AM Freighter Flight to MEX direct from Hongkong/ Shanghai

AM A330/ Direct Flight / Capactiy 30 ton per flight/ Sunday flight

STD 5:55 STA 12:30 Flight NO.: AM9021

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Other direct cargo flight options via Miami

Need to know cargo flgiht solution depart from Hongkogn/Guangzhou/ Shenzhen/Shanghai/ Beijing/Xiamen/Ningbo?

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Size of ULD- More info in Wikipedia

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