From November 1, 2019, the customs will further regulate the inspection of environmental protection items of imported motor vehicles, so as to strengthen the ecological environment protection and ensure that the imported motor vehicles meet the national environmental protection standards.

  1. According to the regulations, the local customs shall carry out the appearance inspection and on-board diagnosis system inspection for the environmental protection items of imported motor vehicles, and carry out the exhaust pollutant inspection at the proportion of no less than 1% of the imported quantity of the same model. The customs may carry out type test according to the current environmental protection standard for the vehicle type whose environmental protection risk information needs to pass the type test for risk assessment.
  2. The import enterprise shall release the transportation mode or function locking state that affects the environmental protection detection in advance. For vehicles that can not manually switch the driving mode and can not be tested by the simple working condition method or load deceleration method, the test can be carried out according to the double idle speed method or the free acceleration method.
  3. The importer shall ensure that the imported motor vehicles meet the requirements of the national environmental protection technical specifications. The relevant models of importers shall meet the requirements of environmental protection information disclosure for motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery. For the motor vehicles listed in the catalogue of compulsory product certification, the type test of environmental protection projects shall be completed and the compulsory product certification certificate shall be obtained. For M1, M2 and N1 vehicles with a maximum design total mass of no more than 3500kg, the management regulations on fuel consumption identification of light vehicles shall be met.
  4. If the emission of air pollutants by motor vehicles exceeds the standard due to design and production defects, the importer shall report to the General Administration of Customs in a timely manner.

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