Base port to receive cargo from China is




Inland to SAN JOSE,CR(圣何塞,哥斯达黎加) by all truck

Inland to HEREDIA(埃雷迪亚) by all truck

Inland to ALAJUELA(阿拉胡埃拉)  by all truck

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Check Sailing Schedule By destinational country or by POL / Port of Loading in China or by Shippingline / Carrier

Check the Airfreight/Oceanfreight by FCL&LCL&RoRo/ Seafreight/ Transport Cost of 20GP/40GP/40HQ/40NOR to Latin America, please click inquiry

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all sea ports in Costa Rica

Port CodePort NameCountry
CRAGUAguas ZarcasCosta Rica
CRAJUAlajuelaCosta Rica
CRANASanta AnaCosta Rica
CRATMAltamiraCosta Rica
CRAZAAguas ZarcasCosta Rica
CRBAGBagacesCosta Rica
CRBARBarrancaCosta Rica
CRBBDBarbudalCosta Rica
CRBNCBarrancaCosta Rica
CRCABCabo BlancoCosta Rica
CRCAICaimitalCosta Rica
CRCALCalderaCosta Rica
CRCAPCapulínCosta Rica
CRCARCartagoCosta Rica
CRCDNCiudad NeilyCosta Rica
CRCHAChachaguaCosta Rica
CRCIRCiruelasCosta Rica
CRCOMChomesCosta Rica
CRCPLGuápilesCosta Rica
CRCYLCoyolCosta Rica
CRESCEscazúCosta Rica
CRESPEsparzaCosta Rica
CRFILFiladelfiaCosta Rica
CRFPNFraijanesCosta Rica
CRGDAGuardiaCosta Rica
CRGDPGolfo de PapagayoCosta Rica
CRGLFGolfitoCosta Rica
CRGMIGreciaCosta Rica
CRGUAGuatusoCosta Rica
CRGUCGuacimoCosta Rica
CRHERHerediaCosta Rica
CRJACJacóCosta Rica
CRJICJicaralCosta Rica
CRLAFLa FortunaCosta Rica
CRLIOPuerto LimónCosta Rica
CRLIRLiberiaCosta Rica
CRLLCLa LuchaCosta Rica
CRLSLLos ChilesCosta Rica
CRMOBMoínCosta Rica
CRMUEMuelle de San CarlosCosta Rica
CRNANNandayureCosta Rica
CRNARNaranjoCosta Rica
CRNCTNicoyaCosta Rica
CROROOrotinaCosta Rica
CRPALPalmaresCosta Rica
CRPAMPalmaresCosta Rica
CRPANPalmar NorteCosta Rica
CRPARParritaCosta Rica
CRPASPuntarenasCosta Rica
CRPILPilas de CanjelCosta Rica
CRPITPitalCosta Rica
CRPMZPalmarCosta Rica
CRPUMPunta MoralesCosta Rica
CRQPSQueposCosta Rica
CRRCDRío CuartoCosta Rica
CRRIORío FríoCosta Rica
CRSAMSámaraCosta Rica
CRSANSan Ignacio de AcostaCosta Rica
CRSCSSan CarlosCosta Rica
CRSISSan IsidroCosta Rica
CRSJOSan JoséCosta Rica
CRSLNSalinasCosta Rica
CRSORSan RamonCosta Rica
CRSPISarapiquíCosta Rica
CRSQRSiquirresCosta Rica
CRSRISarchíCosta Rica
CRSSPSan Pedro de PoasCosta Rica
CRTIGLa TigraCosta Rica
CRTRETres RíosCosta Rica
CRTURTurrialbaCosta Rica
CRUJAUjarrásCosta Rica
CRVDTPuerto ViejoCosta Rica
CRXQPQuepos (Puerto Quepos)Costa Rica


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