On August 15, 2019, the U.S. government announced that it would impose a 10% tariff on some $300 billion of goods imported from China, which would be implemented in two batches starting from September 1 and December 15, 2019. The US measures have led to the escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, greatly harming the interests of China, the United States and other countries, and seriously threatening the multilateral trading system and the principle of free trade.

In accordance with laws, regulations and basic principles of international law, the State Council Tariff Commission decided to impose tariffs on 5078 items of imports originating in the United States of America amounting to about $75 billion. Relevant matters are as follows:

  1. Since 12:01 on September 1, 2019, a 10% tariff has been imposed on 916 commodities and a 5% tariff on 801 commodities.
  2. From 12:01 on December 15, 2019, 912 new commodities will be added with 10% tariff and 2449 new commodities with 5% tariff.
  3. For imported goods originating in the annexes of the United States, corresponding tariffs shall be levied separately on the basis of the current applicable tariff rates. The existing policies of bonding, reduction and exemption shall remain unchanged, and the tariffs levied shall not be reduced or exempted
  4. Taxation of related import taxes:
    Tariff Rate = Tariff Duty Price * Tariff Rate
    Tariff = Tariff Duty Added + Tariff Duty Calculated at Current Applicable Tax Rate

  5. Value-added tax and consumption tax on import links shall be levied in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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