airlines and freight forwarders have called for a halt, and nearly 90% of the flights will be grounded. The aviation industry is facing unprecedented warehouse explosion, and there is no time for customs inspection and warehouse arrangement.

How affected, how bleak, and how severe is the global air transport industry?
It is reported that two weeks ago, on March 5 local time, Flybe, a well-known British airline, declared bankruptcy. All flights have been grounded and business in the UK has been stopped!

Layoffs are also a common phenomenon among airlines. Scandinavian Airlines made an emergency announcement on Sunday night local time. It will shut down most of its flights on March 16 until the business aviation environment, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, is improved.

In addition to novel coronavirus pneumonia, Canada’s largest airline in Canada, the largest Canadian airline in North America, has been reduced significantly. Local time announced late March 19th that there were 5149 temporary layoffs, which accounted for 60% of the total workforce.

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