Port of Yantian (Shenzhen)

The  Port of Yantian (Chinese language) is one of China’s fastest-growing seaports. In 2005, the Port of Yantian handled more than 7.6 million TEUs. The Port of Yantian has five 50-thousand tons berths and four berths over 100 thousand tons. The Port of Yantian serves more than 36 worldwide shipping companies and almost 80 vessel visits per week. Expansion plans are underway for six new deep-water berths. Two these began operations in 2006, and the remaining berths were scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Shenzhen Yantian Port Holdings Company, Limited is the port authority for the Port of Yantian. The company’s primary charge is developing and operating the Port of Yantian. It also handles cargoes and builds and operates port facilities. The facilities that the Port of Yantian operates include storage facilities, industrial and service facilities, and transportation facilities. The Port of Yantian also operates a container repair business, an entrepot trading business, and technologies that facilitate the import and export of cargo.

Move From / To Yantian Port (Shenzhen)

Example:  USD 1500/1500/1500/1100 per 20GP/40GP/40HQ/40NOR validity 2018/4/29 from Yantian Port to Mexico/Chile/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia

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