Although this year the shipping market is facing various problems caused by cargo backlog, ship delays, port skipping and shortage of space, with the recovery of global trade, demand has soared, Europe and the United States have successively unblocked and opened a mode of explosive purchase, and demand far exceeds the supply of capacity.

The market entered the traditional peak season in the third quarter. Shipping prices and container volumes have risen, and new ship orders have also increased significantly. Industry insiders predict that the trans-Pacific container shipping market is expected to usher in a super peak season in the third quarter!

China’s South China port fully resumed operations in late June, which means that more ships will sail to the other side of the Pacific in July and August.

Seasonal products such as back-to-school season, autumn fashion and Halloween goods have begun to enter the market, and retail and e-commerce remain strong.

The shipping companies have also announced various high congestion surcharges.

MSC CGS USD800/1000/1125/1266 per 20GP/40GP/40HC/45HC (POD DATE 2021/09/01)

MATSON PCS USD3600/4500/5063/5697 per 20GP/40GP/40HC/45HC (POL DATE 2021/08/05)

HAPAG-LLOYD VAD USD4000/5000/5000/5000 per 20GP/40GP/40HC/45HC (POL DATE 2021/08/15)

ZIM PCS USD1000/BOX (POD DATE 2021/08/01)

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