We have help overseas buyer to purchase all kind of anti-covid 19 product since the outbreak of pandamic.

we also handle import into China or export from China to worldwide.

Now covid-19 product supply is sufficient since the good control of China Goverment, and ensure the production of all kind of production under normal order, even growth.

to remember and sum up, all those product we promote in the past, if anyone still looking these product, be free to let us know.

Oxygen Contentrator
UVC LED light for Sterilization
Andriod tablet with temperature sensor to re-open bussiness
Anti-virus fog sterilization machine /disinfection channel for public place
ODM&OEM manufacturer of Infrared thermometer
TianCai KN95 specification and video
AMK KN95 Mask + 3 ply surgical mask
Face Recognition + Temperature Sensor Video
Ventilator model
SAN Anti-Covid 19 Medical Supply List
Intelligent Face Recognition Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument, Non-Contact Body Temperature Measurement, Suitable for Residential School Factories,Desktop Mount Type
SAN: Type II Medical Devices Business Filling Certificate
Tiancai KN95
A·MK Disposable surgical mask
Technical parameters of YH-830 mobile bi-level PAP device
Technical parameters of YH-730 bi-level PAP device
YU MIN Disposable Mask
HUA XIN Disposable Mask
Virus test kits
Special Goggles for COVID-19
Honeywell N95
Protective clothing
Disposable medical mask(XiaoLan)
Sky Screen KN95

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