FCL Ocean freight Service From Chengdu to Manzanillo,mx by Cosco

Via Feeder: LuzhouWuhanShanghai Transit Time: 35-48 days

By Truck 1 days to Shanghai / Ningbo Port then by FCL

FCL Ocean freight Service From Shanghai  to Manzanillo,mx by Cosco

Serivice (WSA3)(WSA)(WSA4)(CAX1)
ETD Mon.Mon.Fri.Sun.
Transit Time 19 Days17 Days19 Days21 Days

FCL Ocean freight Service From Ningbo  to Manzanillo,mx by Cosco

ETD Mon.Wed.Thu.Fri.
Transit Time 17 Days21 Days19 Days23 Days

Direct Service from China base port to Manzanillo


Shekou (CNSHK)-0days-Hongkong (HKHKG)-1days-Kaohsiung (TWKHH)-3days-Ningbo (CNNGB)-2days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-4days-Busan (KRPUS)-16days-Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)-1days-
Lazaro Cardenas (MXLZC) -5days-Buenaventura (COBUN)-5days-Callao (PECLL)-4days-Guayaquil (ECGYE)-8days- Lazaro Cardenas (MXLZC) -1days-
Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO) -19days-Yokohama (JPYOK)-3days-Busan (KRPUS)-4days-Shekou (CNSHK)-


Xiamen (CNXMN)-2days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-3days-Qingdao (CNTAO)-3days-Busan (KRPUS)-13days-Ensenada (MXESE)-5days-Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)-8days-Callao (PECLL)-5days- Lirquen (CLLQN) 2days-
San Antonio(CLSAI) (CLSAI)-10days- Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)– -4days-
Ensenada (MXESE) -13days-Yokohama (JPYOK)-4days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-5days-Xiamen (CNXMN)-


Kaohsiung (TWKHH)-2days-Shekou (CNSHK)-1days-Hongkong (HKHKG)-2days-Ningbo (CNNGB)-2days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-18days-Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)-2days- Lazaro Cardenas (MXLZC) -2days-Puerto Quetzal (GTPRQ)-7days-Callao (PECLL)-3days-Guayaquil (ECGYE)-8days-
Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO) -20days-Busan (KRPUS)-3days-Kaohsiung (TWKHH)-


Hongkong (HKHKG)-0days-Yantian (CNYTN)-2days-Kaohsiung (TWKHH)-2days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-1days-Ningbo (CNNGB)-19days-Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)-7days-Balboa (PABLB)-2days-
Buenaventura (COBUN) -4days-Callao (PECLL)-3days- San Antonio(CLSAI) -29days-Hongkong (HKHKG)-


Singapore (SGSIN)-3days-Shekou (CNSHK)-1days-Hongkong (HKHKG)-2days-Kaohsiung (TWKHH)-2days-Ningbo (CNNGB)-1days-Shanghai (CNSHA)-3days-Qingdao (CNTAO)-2days-Busan (KRPUS)-17days-Manzanillo,MX (MXZLO)-5days-Balboa (PABLB)-2days-Manzanillo,PA (PAMIT)-2days-Cartagenna (COCTG)-2days-Kingston (JMKIN)-4days-Caucedo (DOCAU)-37days-Singapore (SGSIN)-

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