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Port of Loading:  Shanghai (CNSHA)

Airfreight export from Shanghai (CNSHA)

Seafreight export from  PVG/Shanghai airport

Administrative divisions of  
Jing’an District,  Shanghai (上海)

District/CountyPostal CodeSubdistrictChinese
Jing’an200000Beizhan Subdistrict[10]上海市静安区北站街道
Jing’an200000Baoshan Road Subdistrict上海市静安区宝山路街道
Jing’an200000Caojiadu Subdistrict[11]上海市静安区曹家渡街道
Jing’an200000Daning Road Subdistrict上海市静安区大宁路街道
Jing’an200000Gonghexin Road Subdistrict上海市静安区共和新路街道
Jing’an200000Jiangning Road Subdistrict上海市静安区江宁路街道
Jing’an200000Jing’ansi Subdistrict上海市静安区静安寺街道
Jing’an200000Linfen Road Subdistrict上海市静安区临汾路街道
Jing’an200000Pengpu Xincun Subdistrict上海市静安区彭浦新村街道
Jing’an200000Shimen Second Road Subdistrict上海市静安区石门二路街道
Jing’an200000Nanjing West Road Subdistrict上海市静安区南京西路街道
Jing’an200000Tianmu West Road Subdistrict上海市静安区天目西路街道
Jing’an200000Zhijiang West Road Subdistrict上海市静安区芷江西路街道
Jing’an200000Pengpu town上海市静安区彭浦镇

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