Location Code for trade and international transportation

Administrative district
CNSZX深圳宝安国际机场Shenzhen Baoan International airport                                            Guangdong-Shenzhen Baoan District—4—-
CNYTN盐田港Port of YantianGuangdong-Shenzhen Yantian District1——-
CNMSA梅沙港Mesa PortGuangdong-Shenzhen Yantian District1——-
CNXCG西冲港Xichong PortGuangdong-Shenzhen Longgang District1——-
CNSHK蛇口港Shekou PortGuangdong-Shenzhen Nanshan District1——-
CNCWN赤湾港Chiwan PortGuangdong-Shenzhen Nanshan District1——-
CNMWN妈湾港Port of MawanGuangdong-Shenzhen Nanshan District1——-
CNDJT东角头港Dongjiaotou PortGuangdong-Shenzhen Nanshan District1——-
CNSZZ深圳站Shenzhen StationGuangdong-Shenzhen Luohu District-2——
CNWJD文锦渡WenjinduGuangdong-Shenzhen Luohu District–3—–
CNSTJ沙头角Sha Tau KokGuangdong-Shenzhen Yantian District–3—–
CNHUG皇岗HuanggangGuangdong-Shenzhen Futian District–3—–
CNFUT福田FukudaGuangdong-Shenzhen Futian District–3—–
CNSZW深圳湾Shenzhen Bay                                            Guangdong-Shenzhen Nanshan District–3—–
CNJNH金海岸Golden coastGuangdong-Shenzhen Yantian District1——-
CNSYC沙鱼冲Sha Yu ChongGuangdong-Shenzhen Longgang District1——-

Check fulllist Locode of China

Function column contains a 8-digit function classifier code for the location, where:

1港口Specifies that the location is a Port, as defined in UN/ECE Recommendation 16.
2火车站Specifies that the location is a Rail terminal.
3汽车站Specifies that the location is a Road terminal.
4机场Specifies that the location is an Airport.
5国际邮件交换站Specifies that the location is a Postal exchange office.
6多式联运Value reserved for multimodal functions, ICDs etc.
7固定贸易功能地点Value reserved for fixed transport functions (e.g. oil platform).
B边境通道Specifies that the location is Border crossing.

Internatinational logstics fowarding service

OriginChinatoPOD(Port Code)Destination Mexico
fromChinatoManzanillo (MXZLO)Sea freightAir freight
fromChinatoLazaro Cardenas (MXLZC)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoEnsenada (MXESE)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoVera Cruz(MXVER)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoPROGRESO( MXPRO)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoALTAMIRA(MXATM)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoGUAYMAS(MXGMS)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoGUADALAJARA(MXGDL)Sea freightAir freight
OriginChinatoMonterrey,MX(MXMTY)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoMexico City, MX(MXMEX)Sea freightAir freight
OriginChinatoPOD(Port Code)Destination Peru
from ChinatoCallao(PECLL)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoPAITA(PEPAI)Sea freightAir freight
OriginChinatoPOD(Port Code)Destination Chile
from ChinatoLirquen (CLLQN)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoSan Antonio(CLSAI)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoIquique (CLIQQ)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoValparaiso (CLVAP)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoCoronel (CLCNL)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoAntofagasta (CLANF)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoPuerto Angamos (CLPAG)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoARICA(CLARI)Sea freightAir freight
OriginChinatoPOD(Port Code)Destination Chile
from ChinatoGuayaquil (ECGYE)Sea freightAir freight
OriginChinatoPOD(Port Code)Destination Colombia
from ChinatoBuenaventura(COBUN)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoCartegena(COCTG)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoBARRANQUILLA(COBAQ)Sea freightAir freight
from ChinatoSANTA MARTA(COSMR) Sea freightAir freight

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