Natural rubber has excellent physical and chemical properties. After proper treatment, it also has the properties of oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and wear resistance, so it is widely used. With the continuous growth of China’s natural rubber consumption demand, natural rubber is also positioned as “important strategic materials and industrial raw materials”.

Natural latex

Natural latex is mainly the liquid secreted from rubber trees, especially from Brazil rubber trees. This kind of liquid is made up of organic matter and mineral matter (protein, fatty acid and its derivatives, salts, sugars and glucosides) with solid content of 30% – 40% of rubber (i.e. high molecular weight polyisoprene) in water.

The technological process includes: rubber cutting, rubber collecting, purification, solidification, crepe pressing, granulation, drying and packaging.

The smoked rubber sheet

The smoked rubber sheet, that is, the film obtained by fumigating and baking the compressed natural film with the smoke and heat generated by burning the coconut shell, is amber, slightly transparent and slightly smoky. The purpose of fumigation is to dry the film and inject anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion cresol substances.

Precautions for import declaration of natural rubber in China

1.The standard declaration of natural rubber involves the following elements: product name, appearance, model, packaging, signing date, etc. Among them, the type and signing date of natural rubber are the key factors that affect the customs to evaluate its price. Due to different countries of origin, there are also differences in production models and price levels of technical classification of natural rubber. In addition, due to its futures nature, the daily price of natural rubber fluctuates greatly, and the signing date directly reflects the natural rubber market on that day, which is also an important reference for customs to review the price. Therefore, it is necessary to declare the model and signing date truthfully and normatively.

2.According to the requirements of the tax note: the technical classification of natural rubber must be accompanied by the inspection certificate issued by the competent authority of the country of production, and the grade, specification and inspection results of the rubber shall be listed. Relevant documents have made clear the “competent authority of the country of production”, which stipulates that “competent authority of the country of production” refers to the competent department of the government of the country of rubber production, including the inspection and testing institutions authorized by the competent department of the government of the country of rubber production. The natural rubber which can not provide relevant inspection certificate shall be classified into other natural rubber of primary shape.

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