Airport of DepartureAirport of ArrivalCountryVia/TransitAirlineDetails
PVG/ShanghaiLPB/El Alto International AirportLa Paz, BoliviaUSAAA AirlineCheck
CAN/GuangzhouVVI/Viru Viru International AirportBoliviaMADUX AirlineCheck
PVG/ShanghaiVVI/Viru Viru International AirportBoliviaUSAAA AirlineCheck
SZX/ShenzhenVVI/Viru Viru International AirportBoliviaMADUX AirlineCheck

Maximun Dimension per piece:

Width 224*Leght 318* height 160 CM decided by ULD /Unit load device

Maximun weight per piece:

600KG-2500kgs decided decided by ULD /Unit load device

Battery/Liquid/Powder/Oil, or other DG cargo, please provide MSDS to check case by case.

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Size of ULD- More info in Wikipedia

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