Administrative divisions of  Dongguan City ,  Guangdong (广东)   province in China

NameSimplified Chinese
Chengqu District城区片区
Dongcheng Subdistrict东城街道
Nancheng Subdistrict南城街道
Wanjiang Subdistrict万江街道
Guancheng Subdistrict莞城街道
Shijie town石碣镇
Gaobu town高埗镇
Songshanhu District松山湖片区
Shilong town石龙镇
Chashan town茶山镇
Shipai town石排镇
Liaobu town寮步镇
Dalang town大朗镇
Dalingshan town大岭山镇
Dongbu District东部片区
Qishi town企石镇
Hengli town横沥镇
Qiaotou town桥头镇
Xiegang town谢岗镇
Dongkeng town东坑镇
Changping town常平镇
Huangjiang town黄江镇
Dongnan District东南片区
Zhangmutou town樟木头镇
Qingxi town清溪镇
Tangxia town塘厦镇
Fenggang town凤岗镇
Binhai District滨海片区
Chang’an town长安镇
Humen town虎门镇
Houjie town厚街镇
Shatian town沙田镇
Shuixiang District水乡片区
Daojiao town道滘镇
Hongmei town洪梅镇
Machong town麻涌镇
Wangniudun town望牛墩镇
Zhongtang town中堂镇
Nearest Sea PortClosest airport
Nansha(CNXSA)CAN/Guangzhou airport
Hongkong (HKHKG)HKG/Hongkong airport
Shenzhen Shekou (CNSHK) Yantian (CNYTN)SZX/Shenzhen airport 

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Internatinational logstics fowarding service

ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination MexicoVia
from DongguantoManzanillo (MXZLO)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoLazaro Cardenas (MXLZC)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoEnsenada (MXESE)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoVera Cruz(MXVER)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoPROGRESO( MXPRO)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoALTAMIRA(MXATM)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoGUAYMAS(MXGMS)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoGUADALAJARA(MXGDL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaDongguantoMonterrey,MX(MXMTY)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoMexico City, MX(MXMEX)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination PeruPOL
from DongguantoCallao(PECLL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoPAITA(PEPAI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ChilePOL
from DongguantoLirquen (CLLQN)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoSan Antonio(CLSAI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoIquique (CLIQQ)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoValparaiso (CLVAP)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoCoronel (CLCNL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoAntofagasta (CLANF)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoPuerto Angamos (CLPAG)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoARICA(CLARI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ChilePOL
from DongguantoGuayaquil (ECGYE)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ColombiaPOL
from DongguantoBuenaventura(COBUN)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoCartegena(COCTG)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoBARRANQUILLA(COBAQ)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from DongguantoSANTA MARTA(COSMR) Sea freightAir freightShenzhen

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