Administrative divisions of  Zhongshan City ,  Guangdong (广东)   province in China

NameSimplified Chinese
Zhongxin District中心片区
Shiqi Subdistrict石岐街道
Dongqu Subdistrict东区街道
Xiqu Subdistrict西区街道
Nanqu Subdistrict南区街道
Wuguishan Subdistrict五桂山街道
Shaxi town沙溪镇
Gangkou town港口镇
Dachong town大涌镇
Dongbu District东部片区
Zhongshangang Subdistrict中山港街道
Nanlang town南朗镇
Cuiheng New Area翠亨新区
Xibei District西北片区
Xiaolan town小榄镇
Dongfeng town东凤镇
Dongsheng town东升镇
Guzhen town古镇镇
Henglan town横栏镇
Nantou town南头镇
Fusha town阜沙镇
Dongbei District东北片区
Huangpu town黄圃镇
Minzhong town民众镇
Sanjiao town三角镇
Nanbu District南部片区
Tanzhou Town坦洲镇
Sanxiang town三乡镇
Banfu town板芙镇
Shenwan town神湾镇
Nearest Sea PortClosest airport
Nansha(CNXSA)CAN/Guangzhou airport
Hongkong (HKHKG)HKG/Hongkong airport
Shenzhen Shekou (CNSHK) Yantian (CNYTN)SZX/Shenzhen airport 

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Internatinational logstics fowarding service

ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination MexicoVia
from ZhongshantoManzanillo (MXZLO)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoLazaro Cardenas (MXLZC)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoEnsenada (MXESE)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoVera Cruz(MXVER)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoPROGRESO( MXPRO)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoALTAMIRA(MXATM)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoGUAYMAS(MXGMS)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoGUADALAJARA(MXGDL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaZhongshantoMonterrey,MX(MXMTY)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoMexico City, MX(MXMEX)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination PeruPOL
from ZhongshantoCallao(PECLL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoPAITA(PEPAI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ChilePOL
from ZhongshantoLirquen (CLLQN)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoSan Antonio(CLSAI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoIquique (CLIQQ)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoValparaiso (CLVAP)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoCoronel (CLCNL)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoAntofagasta (CLANF)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoPuerto Angamos (CLPAG)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoARICA(CLARI)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ChilePOL
from ZhongshantoGuayaquil (ECGYE)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
ChinaPOLtoPOD(Port Code)Destination ColombiaPOL
from ZhongshantoBuenaventura(COBUN)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoCartegena(COCTG)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoBARRANQUILLA(COBAQ)Sea freightAir freightShenzhen
from ZhongshantoSANTA MARTA(COSMR) Sea freightAir freightShenzhen

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