Freight From Guangzhou (CNCAN) to Boston (USBOS)

Direct FCL Ocean tranport Service

No Available

Transit FCL Sea transport Service

POLPODCarrierETDTransit ShipmentT/T
HuangpuBOSTON,MACoscoWendsdayVia Yantian to New York34 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MACoscoTuesdayVia Hong Kong to New York33 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MACoscoFridayVia Hong Kong to New York34 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAEMCTuesdayVia Hong Kong to Colon, Pa30 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAEMCFridayVia Hong Kong to Colon, Pa33 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAHBSTuesdayVia Nansha to New York33 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAHBSFridayVia Yantian to New York47 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAMAERSKTuesdayVia Nansha to Newark39 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAMSCWendsdayVia Yantian to Bremen,DE48 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAONEFridayVia Hong Kong to New York35 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAOOCLTuesdayVia Yantian to New York32 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAOOCLWendsdayVia Yantian to New York33 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAOOCLTuesdayVia Hong Kong to New York34 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAOOCLFridayVia Hong Kong to New York35 Days
HuangpuBOSTON,MAZIMMondayVia Hong Kong to New York34 Days
POLPODCarrierETDTransit ShipmentT/T
NanshaBOSTON,MACoscoWendsdayVia Yantian to New York34 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MACoscoTuesdayVia Hong Kong to New York33 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MACoscoFridayVia Hong Kong to New York34 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAEMCMondayVia Hong Kong to Colon, Pa36 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAEMCMondayVia Hong Kong to Colon, Pa38 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAHBSFridayVia Yantian to New York47 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAHBSTuesdayVia New York33 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAHPLSundayVia Yantian to New York36 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAHPLFridayVia Hong Kong to New York36 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAMAERSKTuesdayVia Newark39 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAMSCSundayVia Bremen,DE46 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAONEFridayVia Hong Kong to New York35 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAOOCLFridayVia Los Angeles29 Days
NanshaBOSTON,MAZIMTuesdayVia New York34 Days

Direct FCL Ocean transport service from China to USA or Canada

Qingdao (CNTAO)Xiamen (CNXMN)Fuzhou (CNFOC)Guangzhou (CNCAN)
Shenzhen (CNSZX) 
Shanghai (CNSHA)Ningbo (CNNGB)Yantian (CNYTN)Hong Kong (HKHKG)Laingyungang(CNLYG)

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San Logistics Limited  is a freight fowarder offer Sea FreightAir Freight from Asia to Latin America and China base ports:



More port of loading in China

Carga Marítima Carga Aérea Agentes de Carga air shipping agente aduanal

Agentes de aduanas en china

Agentes de carga de China

Freight forwarder in China

China Freight forwarder

Sea FreightAir Freight from Asia to Latin America 

China Freight forwarder Multimodal

From China To Latin America by Carrier

FromLocationVia base port
FoshanFoshan,GuangdongHong Kong (HKHKG)
ShantouShantou,GuangdongHong Kong (HKHKG)
HangzhouHangzhou,ZhejiangNingbo (CNNGB)
LianyungangLianyungang,Jiangsu Ningbo (CNNGB)
WenzhouWenzhou,ZhejiangNingbo (CNNGB)
YiwuJinhua,ZhejiangNingbo (CNNGB)
ChangshaChangsha,HunanShanghai (CNSHA)
ChongqingChongqingShanghai (CNSHA)
JiujiangJiujiang,Jiangxi Shanghai (CNSHA)
NanchangNanchang,JiangxiShanghai (CNSHA)
NantongNantong,JiangsuShanghai (CNSHA)
SuzhouSuzhou,JiangsuShanghai (CNSHA)
WuhanWuhan,HubeiShanghai (CNSHA)
DALIANDalian,LiaoningShanghai (CNSHA)
TianjinTianjinShanghai (CNSHA)
QinhuangdaoQinhuangdao,HebeiTianjin (CNTXG)
FuzhouFuzhou, FujiangXiamen (CNXMN)

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